Pay TV operator Cablevisión (Telecom) has made its Flow Now service available to noncustomers. In this way, the company reinforces its bet on Pay TV via streaming, which has been available to the users of its Internet service, Fibertel, since late 2020.

According to information obtained by TAVI Latam, offer to noncustomers was opened approximately four months ago, though it has not been officially launched yet. “We expect to announce it soon,” Cablevisión spokespeople told TAVI Latam.

The monthly price of the service for noncustomers is USD 13.8. This allows peopole not having any previous relationship with Cablevisión to access Flow platform, which offers over 150 live channels and more than 6,500 VOD titles, without cables or STBs.

There are five companies currently offering OTT Pay TV service in Argentina. They are DirecTV, Movistar, Telecentro and Claro, in addition to Cablevisión. Movistar’s and Claro’s offer is limited to customers for the time being. The above mentioned operators launched this proposal between 2020 and 2021. The trend is gradually gaining momentum in Latin America, especially in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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