Pay TV


Movistar trying new IPTV service

Telefónica is close to launching IPTV in the Peruvian market. The telecommunications company’s local subsidiary, Movistar, is conducting trials for the new Pay TV service, which will operate on its new fixed fiber to the home (FTTH) network,...

Venezuela: DirecTV to become SimpleTV

Satellite TV operator DirecTV Venezuela, which has recently been acquired by investment firm Scale Capital, will change its name to SimpleTV. The new brand name has been appearing on the screens of the DTH’s users during the last few days,...


AT&T puts DirecTV up for auction

According to the New York Post, telecommunications company AT&T is determined to push forward with the sale of its Satellite TV operator DirecTV. That is the reason why it has invited a few suitors into the second round of the auction of the...


BluTV: A new Satellite TV operator

There is a new Satellite TV service in Brazil. Its name is BluTV ( and it has been operating since August 9. Based in Uberlandia (Minas Gerais State), it is owned by 1Sat Telecomunicações. The service currently reaches 53...


AT&T under pressure to sell DirecTV

U.S. telecommunications company AT&T is facing pressure to sell its satellite TV operator DirecTV. According to Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino, "AT&T is coming under tremendous shareholder pressure to cut costs." In order to attain that...

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