The number of Pay TV subscribers in Brazil was 15.18 million as of the end of Q2 2020, which shows a 9.8% drop compared with Q2 2019 , when the total count was 16.83 million. In comparison with Q1 2020, the decrease was 1.1%, following a downtrend that seems to be bottomless. The figures have been drawn from the latest Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) report.

As regards the technology, most subscribers (7.53 million) access their Pay TV services through Satellite TV (49.6% of market share), while 6.62 million (43.6%) use Cable TV and 1.03 million (6.8%) IPTV, which grew by 26.8% between June 2019 and June 2020.

As far as providers are concerned, the leader is América Móvil through its operators Claro and Net, with 7.38 million subscribers (48.6% of the market), followed by Sky (AT&T) with 4.59 million (30.2%), Oi with 1.49 million (9.8%) and Vivo (Telefónica) with 1.27 million (8.4%). The remainder (nearly half a million users) is divided into small local and regional providers.

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