AT&T’s Vrio division, which controls Satellite TV operators DirecTV (in South America and some Caribbean countries) and Sky (in Brazil), had increased its subscriber count by the end of the third quarter 2020. Vrio had 10.89 million users as of September 30, 229 thousand more than the number it had as of June 30, which accounted for a 2.1% rise. The figures have been taken from AT&T’s Q3 financial reports.

The last time DirecTV had had positive net additions in Latin America was in Q4 2019 and the previous one had been Q4 2018. That is the reason why a rise in Vrio’s subscriber count is worth highlighting, taking into account the context in the region, where Pay TV subscriber count drop is mainly due to the decrease in the number of Satellite TV operators’ customers, according to specialists.

So far AT&T has not revealed information on the performance of DirecTV Go, the company’s OTT Pay TV service currently operating in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina.

The telecommunications company has also reported that Vrio’s revenue in Q3 2020 was USD 753 million, similar to the previous quarter’s revenue, which amounted to 752 million.

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