Venezuela’s Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has rejected the price scheme submitted by investment company Scale Capital, which has recently acquired DirecTV Venezuela. Scale Capital is supplying the Satellite TV service to existing DirecTV users free of charge, a benefit that will be maintained until mid-November. The information has been revealed by Venezuelan reporter Arnaldo Espinoza, a specialist in the telecommunications market.

According to Espinoza, Conatel has required that Scale Capital lower the prices of the four plans that have been proposed. The prices are similar to Pay TV fees in other countries in the region, which are significantly higher than those that were charged by DirecTV before its withdrawal from the Venezuelan market in May 2020.

The above mentioned reporter has explained that the main conflict lies in the basic plan, given that it is the government’s intention that it be considered a public utility. Conatel expects Scale Capital to obtain no profits from the basic package.

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