Argentine Pay TV company Cablevisión (owned by Telecom) is working to add Amazon Prime Video to its Flow platform. The news was disclosed by Telecom CEO Norberto Nobile at IBM Change, a virtual event held on June 25. The launch date has not been set yet.

When TAVI Latam asked Cablevisión for further details, company spokepeople answered that it was impossible for them to provide more information at the moment. Therefore, it is unknown whether the initiative consists in the addition of Prime Video app to Flow or in the addition of Prime Video content to the Flow browser. Both alternatives are already available with Netflix. The user is required to have an active subscription to these OTTs to be allowed access.

“We should learn to work in a wider environment that goes beyond connectivity. In some cases we compete and in others we cooperate. Flow competes with Netflix but it also integrates it to give the users a better experience. We’re going to add Amazon Prime Video too,” asserted Norberto Nobile.

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