Mexican Satellite TV operator Sky, owned by Televisa and AT&T, has informed TAVI Latam that it will cease to use the VeTV brand for its prepaid service and will replace it with the Sky Prepago brand. Users have already been notified of the change and will not be affected by it in any manner whatsoever.

The change will become effective on September 4. In this way, the DTH operator will unify its two types of service −postpaid and prepaid− under one single brand. The company has not given any explanation as to the strategy behind the move.

VeTV currently offers two plans, both with high definition (HD) channels. One of them is called VeTV and includes 68 channels while the other is called VeTV Plus and includes 77 channels. After September 4, their names will be Sky Prepago and Sky Prepago Plus respectively.

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