Telecommunications operator Claro, owned by América Móvil, has started offering an IPTV service, for which purpose it avails itself of its already existing fiber optic network in Chile. “In December we launched our IPTV product, which enhances the value of our wide band offer,” according to information disclosed in the company’s Q4 2020 financial reports.

Claro is offering three IPTV packages in Chile. The first one, TV Pro HD Fibra, is available at USD 30.4 per month and its line-up consists of 54 HD channels and 32 SD channels. The monthly price of the second package, TV Pro HD Más Fibra, is USD 31.7 and it is possible to watch 72 HD channels and 36 SD channels. The last one, TV Pro HD Fútbol Fibra, costs USD 43.5 and its line-up includes TNT Sports HD (the premium pack airing local soccer matches), the total number of channels being 57 HD and 33 SD. The three options allow access to OTT Claro Video without any additional charge. The prices are identical to those charged for the three Cable TV plans and to those charged for the three Satellite TV plans, but the number of HD and SD channels varies according to the type of technology used to provide the service.

In Latin America, América Móvil also operates IPTV services in Dominican Republic, Argentina and Paraguay.

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