Argentine Pay TV operator Express has launched a new product called Packs Por Día (Daily Packs), which is an innovative initiative consisting in giving the user the option to sign up to any of its premium packages only for one day. Express premium packages are the following: HBO, Fox Premium, Hot Pack and Pack Fútbol (all local soccer top division matches).

“Our company is the first to launch such a product. The idea arose from customers’ need to sign up to the service for a limited period on an on-demand basis,” Express Marketing Manager Augusto Bandiera explained to TAVI Latam.

In this way, it will be possible for Express subscribers to sign up to any of the above-mentioned packages to access only some specific content, such as a movie, the last episode of a series or an important match of the local championship (for example, on January 17 Boca Juniors and Banfield are to play the tournament final). In addition, the initiative may be useful for users to try a package before deciding to sign up to it on a monthly basis.

“It will be available as from January 11, only to HD subscribers in all locations,” Bandiera told TAVI Latam. Those who are interested in signing up to one or more packages may do so through the virtual office or the mobile app of the company up to seven days in advance. Users who sign up to any of the daily packs may also access channels on any device through Now platform.

The main cities where Express Pay TV service is available are Rosario (Santa Fe Province), Salta (Salta Province), Santiago del Estero (Santiago del Estero Province) and San Lorenzo (Santa Fe Province).

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