As a result of a new policy adopted by DirecTV (Grupo Wethein), the Pay TV company has begun to offer DNews, its own news channel, to other operators. The first company to enter into an agreement with DirecTV for the above-mentioned purpose was Argentina’s Telecentro.

With the only exception of Venezuela, where DSports (formerly DirecTV Sports) is available on SimpleTV and Inter, DirecTV’s channels have not been accessible through other Pay TV companies in Latin America so far. DirecTV spokespeople explained to TAVI Latam that “DSports had previously been licensed to other operators only for a few specific events but agreements had never dealt with the whole channel on a permanent basis.”

DNews, launched in July 2022, was added to Telecentro’s lineup on November 26 (Channel 301). It is available to all subscribers, regardless of the plan they have signed up to.

According to information obtained from DirecTV, “DNews broadcasts its content live from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. Content includes politics, economics, education, health, the environment, music and technology. In association with renowned international networks, DNews also airs interesting documentaries on various topics. The channel has its own journalists and production teams in each country, namely: Darío Mizrahi (Argentina), Lucía López (Chile), Estefanía Meira Serantes (Colombia), César García (Ecuador), Carmen Alvarado (Peru) and Pablo Londinsky (Uruguay).”

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