DirecTV, a Pay TV operator owned by Grupo Werthein, has begun to offer a new streaming player in the Argentine market. Called DGo Smart, the device is delivered on loan and is packaged with streaming Pay TV service DGo and fiber optic (FTTH) Internet service DFibra.

DGo Smart is the second streaming player the operator has launched in Argentina. In early 2022, the company began to offer an STB under the name of DirecTV Go Box, which served the same purpose: to give traditional TV sets connectivity and to make it possible to access several OTTs on the TV screen. Like DGo Smart, the STB was delivered on loan.

The new proposal launched by DirecTV, including the new streaming player packaged with the two services mentioned above, is being advertised as “a new entertainment experience combining high speed onnectivity and access to content by streaming”. The company offers 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 500 Mbps Internet plans. The new offer is currently available only in three districts of Buenos Aires City: Flores, Caballito and Recoleta; in Lanús Municipality in Greater Buenos Aires and in Godoy Cruz Municipality in the province of Mendoza.

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