DirectTV, a company owned by AT&T, has begun to offer its streaming platform DirecTV Go to people who are not subscribed to its Satellite TV service (DTH) in Argentina. The company has been offering the platform, which includes live channels and VOD content, to Satellite TV service non-subscribers for some time in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. In this way, DirecTV Go plays a double role: it is a TV Everywhere platform (available to DTH users without any additional cost) and at the same time it is a Pay TV service via OTT.

TAVI Latam has found out that the new option, which the company calls stand alone customer, has been available in Argentina since September 1. In Colombia and Chile, it was launched on November 5, 2018, while in Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay the launch date was August 8, 2019. In Mexico, DirecTV Go debuted on March 24, 2020, but it is available only as a Pay TV service via Internet.

In Argentina, there is a basic plan including 104 channels and it is possible to add premium packages such as HBO, Fox Premium and Pack Fútbol (soccer content). The monthly price of the basic plan is USD 17.1 for the first six months. Then, the price rises to 18.8 per month. The only methods of payment are credit and debit card. There is a seven-day free trial period. Each customer can register up to five devices and two of them can be used simultaneously.

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