Turner (Warner Media), together with YPF, an Argentine oil company, has presented the second season of Generación E, a documentary reality that shows the experiences of participants of a contest called Desafío Eco YPF. The series is a new branded content produced by Turner Argentina.

“Branded content differ from classic content in the way they convey their message. When a company such as YPF intends to convey its brand values, the quality of the message is different from that of the message conveyed by a traditional advertisement. The reach is better, repercussions are quite different and the viewer does not feel that the message has been invasive,” Turner’s Ad Sales Executive Director Enrique Sabatini explained to TAVI Latam.

“Other examples of Turner’s branded content are Un Pequeño Gran Viaje en 48 Horas, already in its second season, with more than five sponsors, and Bodegoles, in cooperation with Olé, a sports newspaper,” he added.

“Turner has a division specifically devoted to the production of branded content on a regional level. In this case, YPF took the initiative and chose us as partners in order to tell this story on TV,” recounted Mr. Sabatini.

Desafío Eco YPF is a contest whose participants are technical schools from the whole country, each of which has to build its own race car powered by electric engines. Generación E’s 2018 edition was awarded a prize in Fomla (Latin America Communication Media Festival) as the best campaign for a local brand and the best campaign for a brand in South America.

Generación E 2019 is already available on Turner channels, namely Cartoon Network, Space and TNT Sports. The series is being broadcast only for Latin America’s southern cone.

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