Belas Artes, a Sao Paulo cinema sponsored by Petra beer, has become the first cinema in the country to launch its own OTT service. Its name is Belas Artes A La Carte and its catalog focuses on independent and cult movies. It is included in the Looke platform.

The new OTT runs on SVOD and TVOD models. The monthly susbscription fee is USD 2.5 and movies may be rented for 48 hours for USD 1.2 each. In addition, there will be special releases that will not be included in the monthly fee, but prices have not been disclosed yet. It will be possible to view content on two screens simultaneously.

Belas Artes is one of the oldest cinemas in Brazil. It was opened in 1943 and its current name dates back to 1967. Owing to financial difficulties, it has received sponsors’ support in the last few years; first it was sponsored by HSBC, then by Caixa and now by Petra.

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