Streaming Pay TV service DGo is to become Sky+ in Brazil on December 6. Vrio (Grupo Werthein), which manages Sky in Brazil and DirecTV in Spanish-speaking South America and Mexico, aims to concentrate marketing and advertising efforts into a single brand. It was Gustavo Fonseca, Sky Brasil CEO, who disclosed the news to local website Meio & Mensagem. The telecommunications company told TAVI Latam that the official announcement would be made in early December.

The service launched in the Brazilian market in late 2020 and it was called DirecTVGo, which is noteworthy given that DirecTV did not exist as a brand in Brazil then. Later the company renamed its platform as DGo throughout the region, including Brazil. The OTT operates as a subscription-based streaming Pay TV service and as a TV Everywhere service for Satellite TV Sky users.

“Our original idea of taking advantage of the positive residual memory generated by DirecTV, seen as a highly technological brand, turned out to be no longer useful to head for the next step. The platform has already settled down and it works well from the technical point of view. We will focus on distribution and connectivity with Sky, Sky Fibra and Sky+,” noted Fonseca. DirecTV operated as a Satellite TV service in Brazil between 1996 and 2007, when it was acquired by Sky Brasil’s owners.

The rebranding will be coupled with the introduction of new channels (not specified yet) and the possibility of creating up to three user profiles.

According to information given by Fonseca to the Brazilian website, linear channels currently account for 90% of DGo consumption, while VOD content accounts for only 10%. “Linear channels market is not over and will never be over,” he asserted.

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