The University of Chile has announced that it is about to launch a new channel. It will use the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) system through channel 11.2, after entering into an agreement with Chilevisión (currently owned by Turner, though it has been locally reported that ViacomCBS is likely to acquire it), a broadcaster that will allow the University to use one of the channels in its frequency band.

“Our intention is to start with a ninety-minute dry run in December and then to increase the number of hours progressively,” said Provost Ennio Vivaldi during the celebration marking the University’s 178th foundation anniversary.

The new channel marks the return of the University of Chile to television after 27 years. The University was one of TV pioneering entities in Chile. Between 1960 and 1993 it managed the Free To Air TV channel now called Chilevisión.

According to information provided by University sources, “it will be a low-cost, sustainable TV project and it will avail itself of all the resources and content the entity currently produces and offers to the country through its seminars, cultural initiatives, Chilean National Theater and stable artistic bodies, such as the Symphonic Orchestra and the Chilean National Ballet.” There will be also programs related to political debates, sexuality, mental health and art. The channel will broadcast from University of Chile Radio’s studio.

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