As part of the strategy the company has been implementing in South America, on July 6 DirecTV (a subsidiary controlled by Vrio, which is owned by Grupo Werthein) officially launched DFibra, its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) fixed Internet service, in the Ecuadorian territory. Beyond the drive to expand business, the move is aimed at enhancing the company’s Pay TV offering with a view to encouraging customer loyalty. DirecTV already provides FTTH fixed Internet in Argentina, Brazil and Peru and intends to expand the service to other countries in the near future (In Colombia, it offers fixed Internet, though mainly using LTE).

The options on offer include 150, 240, 300, 400 500 and 1000 Mbps packages. This is how the company advertises its new service: “It assures top quality service in terms of stability, without saturation or degradation, even at peak time.” “It offers high-speed Internet both to download and to upload large files and allows users to have more devices connected at the same time without affecting data traffic quality.”

According to information revealed to TAVI Latam by the company, in a first stage, DFibra is available in 34 important Ecuadorian cities. Provision of the service is performed through several wholesale networks furnishing infrasructure.

In a press release, DirecTV explained: “By adding fiber-optic Internet to its service portfolio, Vrio reinforces and enhances its strategy aimed at making a real contribution to reducing the digital gap currently affecting Latin America.”

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