Streaming giant Netflix is planning to open its own mini theme parks in 2025. They will be permanent locations where the public will be able to buy products and accessories related to Netflix content, to have food and drink and to enjoy immersive experiences based on the theme of one of Netflix originals. The news about the project, which will be called Netflix House, was revealed by Co-CEO Ted Sarandos and Consumer Products Vicepresident Josh Simon, during an event organized by Bloomberg news agency.

“Don’t think of it like Disneyland; Netflix House is something you might go to a couple times a month, not just once every couple years,” remarked Sarandos.

The initiative is a reasonable step to be taken in view of the good response Netflix has been getting with its temporary pop-up immersive experiences, which have already been launched in several countries, including Mexico. Simon explained: “We’ve seen how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows, and we’ve been thinking a lot about how we take that to the next level.”

The company’s executives plan to open the first two parks in the United States in 2025 and to open new locations in other countries later.

The new mini theme parks are aimed at promoting the content offered by the OTT, which is its core business. In addition to these new locations and the above-mentioned pop-up experiences, Netflix has carried out other projects with a similar purpose, among which it is worth mentioning thousands of Netflix events held throughout the world, the two movie theaters bought by the company (in New York and Los Angeles), a temporary restaurant designed in Los Angeles and Netflix online store, which was launched in 2021 and offers clothes, cups, watches and ornaments. The online store operates in most parts of the world but in Latin America it is available only in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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