Netflix is offering some subscribers a new feature to enjoy its service. Through the Watch Now option, the OTT platform automatically selects the content to be viewed and the subscriber doesn’t need to browse to choose what to watch. As reported by US news media, this new feature is being tested worldwide with a limited group of users.

Although there has been no official explanation, it is believed that the platform will choose the content to be reproduced by means of an algorithm taking into account the next episodes of series the user has been watching over the previous few days, movies the user has started but not finished, some titles previously selected by the user and content related to the user’s viewing history. Subscribers get to see a brief explanation as to why the title has been chosen. In addition to the Watch Now button, Netflix has introduced the Play Something Else button , which makes it possible to change the content chosen by the platform and to move on to the next choice.

In this way, Netflix is offering an alternative that is friendly to indecisive subscribers and adequate for situations in which the subscriber does not want to search for content for a long time.

The OTT service is used to conducting trials of this kind with subsets of its audience, sometimes segmented by territory. For example, only in India is Netflix currently offering plans for exclusive use on mobile devices as well as quarterly, semiannual and annual plans, which allow saving if compared with the traditional monthly plan.

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