On November 23, audiovisual giant Paramount announced the introduction of some innovations in its streaming platform Paramount+. On an international scale, the company will expand its ad-supported tier and will launch a new premium package. The premium plan is set to roll out in Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Canada on November 16, whereas the ad-based option will be made available in 2024, first in Australia and Canada, which will be followed by additional territories, according to information given by Paramount. The ad-supported service was launched in June 2021 in the United States, a market in which the OTT currently offers an ad-based option and an ad-free one, the latter including Showtime content.

“After expanding our footprint to more than 45 markets last year, we are focused on scaling our business and providing customer choice. The introduction of the premium and ad-supported plans will give us the ability to better serve different consumer segments by providing multiple pricing options while also tapping into tremendous opportunities among our advertising and brand partners,” said Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President, and International General Manager for Paramount+.

The ad-based tier will be launched neither in Brazil nor in Mexico at least in the initial stage. Paramount+ introduced an innovation in the above-mentioned markets in March 2023 when it launched a lower-priced tier exclusively available for mobile devices. The company’s plan is, for the time being, to keep the current two packages and not to roll out the ad-supported tier.

According to Paramount, the new premium plan will take Paramount+ content “to new heights” by offering high quality formats such as 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision and DolbyAtmos. In addition, it will be possible for premium subscribers to utilise four concurrent streams, instead of the two streams that come with the standard plan. The monthly fee to have access to the premium Plan will be 34.90 BRL (roughly equivalent to USD 6.7) in Brazil and 179 MXN (roughly equivalent to USD 9.8) in Mexico.

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