On November 1, YouTube (Google) launched a new feature called Primetime Channels, which makes it possible to access multiple subscription streaming services by paying the fee for each OTT. According to information provided by company spokespeople, the video platform has launched the new option, already offered by Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video Channels, “initially” in the United States and it is working to “expand” the initiative to make it available “to international users”.

The OTT aggregation feature enhances user’s experience when searching for streaming content and when switching platforms. In the first stage, YouTube already allows access to 30 streaming services, including Paramount+, Vix+, Showtime, AMC+, Starz, ATRESplayer, Epix, Shudder, Acorn TV, CuriosityStream, RCN Total and Tastemade+. According to the company, the plan for the near future is to add more OTTs such as NBA League Pass.

In Primetime Channels, each OTT operates as a YouTube channel. When content is selected, there will be a button reading “Watch Now” if the user’s subscription is active, whereas a button reading “Pay to Watch” will appear if the user has not paid the fee for the OTT. Anyone wishing to sign up to Primetime Channels is required to enter the Movies & TV hub, in which TouTube used to sell and rent this type of content, but on a per-title basis and with a limited catalog.

In the past, some US media such as The Information and The Wall Street Journal preannounced YouTube’s plan to launch the OTT aggregation initiative.

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