Claro (América Móvil) has started offering a new TV product in several Latin American countries. According to information obtained from the telecommunications company by TAVI Latam, the operator has made a Pay TV service via streaming available to its customers on a trial basis, with a view to an official launch in the future. The line-up includes Free-To-Air and Pay TV channels. Some of the territories where this new alternative is available are Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

Since the service is offered on a trial basis, the company is not advertising it. Those customers who are interested in accessing it may do so through Claro Video platform by selecting Claro TV option.

There are variations among countries, regarding the degree of development of the product, the price, the number of channels and even the number of screens allowed simultaneously. By way of example, it is worth noting that the only country where the service has got a specific name is Colombia, where it is called Claro TV Go Plus. In Argentina, the line-up encompasses over 120 linear channels; in Colombia, 100 and in Chile, just 19.

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