The Walt Disney Company has launched a pre-sale offer for annual subscription to its new streaming platform at a discount. Disney+ will debut in Latin America on November 17. In the early morning of November 3, the OTT’s website ( was updated and the pre-sale started. Then the company made the announcement through a press release.

The offer was launched only in ten Latin American countries. The price varies between territories: ARS 3,250 in Argentina (USD 41.2), BRL 237.90 in Brazil (USD 41.9), CLP 54,900 in Chile (USD 72.3), COP 203,900 in Colombia (USD 52.7), MXN 1,359 in Mexico (USD 64.4), PEN 220.9 in Peru (USD 61.1) and USD 50.9 in Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama and Costa Rica. On acquiring annual membership through this promotion, the customer is given a 15% discount. The promotion will be available until November 16.

In addition, Disney has revealed the standard price of subscription to the OTT: ARS 385 per month (USD 4.9) or ARS 3,850 per year (USD 48.8) in Argentina, BRL 27.9 (USD 4.9) per month or BRL 279.9 per year (USD 49.2) in Brazil, CLP 6,500 per month (USD 8.6) or CLP 64,900 per year (USD 85.7) in Chile, COP 23,900 per month (USD 6.2) or COP 239,900 per year (USD 62.1) in Colombia, MXN 159 per month (USD 7.5) or MXN 1,599 per year (USD 75.7) in Mexico, PEN 25.9 per month (USD 7.2) or PEN 259.9 per year (USD 72) in Peru, USD 7.49 per month or USD 74.99 per year in Uruguay and USD 5.99 per month or USD 59.99 per year in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama.

Disney+’s catalog will include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox and National Geographic content, as well as exclusive content produced for the platform. A single account may be used by four devices simultaneously and it will be possible to create up to seven profiles.

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