The Walt Disney Company carries on with its gradual process of removing the Fox Sports brand from the list of sports Pay TV channels it offers in Latin America. The company has told TAVI Latam that on June 14 Fox Sports 2 will cease its broadcasts in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic. Fox Sports 3, however, will remain on air in the above mentioned countries.

The news became publicly known some days ago, when several Pay TV operators gave notice to their customers, some of whom spread the information on social media. When inquired by TAVI Latam, Disney confirmed the news officially.

The first step in the process was taken in December 2021, when Disney replaced Fox Sports with Espn 4 throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America. Shortly afterwards, in January 2022, the company made the same move in Brazil. Then, in April 2022, Argentina’s Fox Sports Premium became Espn Premium. It is still impossible for Disney to remove Fox Sports brand altogether in the region because the company must comply with requirements imposed by regulatory agencies in several countries when it was given authorization to acquire 21st Century Fox.

According to information disclosed to TAVI Latam by Disney, in Central America and Dominican Republic “the content currently on air on Fox Sports 2 will be available on Espn Extra, together with exclusive regionally targeted programming and Concacaf Gold Cup matches.”

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