As officially announced in mid-December 2020 and pre-announced by TAVI Latam on November 30, Fox channels’ names will be changed so that they include the Star brand in Latin America. This week The Walt Disney Company, owned by Fox network, has revealed the date on which the change will be effective: February 22.

The company availed itself of advertising aired on Fox network to let viewers know the date. The campaign launched by Disney is based on the notion “all you like will remain here”.

According to information revealed to TAVI Latam by The Walt Disney Company, the brand name change arises from the negotiations conducted for the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, when it was agreed that the Fox brand would cease to be used to name channels and studios in order to avoid confusion in the industry. That is the reason why FX, FXM and Cinecanal channels’ names (which do not include the Fox brand) will remain unchanged. The channels to be renamed are Fox Channel, Fox Life and all premium channels.

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