According to a report released by data analysis agency Statista, which used Airnow Data information, Latin American users accounted for over 50% of streaming service Disney+ (The Walt Disney Company) mobile app downloads made throughout the world in November. The app was downloaded 13.8 million times worldwide during the above mentioned month.

The figures showed that Brazil was the country with the highest demand on the planet, with downloads totaling 3.05 million. The United States ranked second, with 2.90 million. The three territories that followed were Latin American countries: Mexico (2.25 million), Argentina (665 thousand) and Colombia (562 thousand). Six out of the top eight positions were held by Latin American nations, taking into account that Peru and Chile completed the Top-8 ranking with 397 thousand and 386 thousand downloads respectively.

This phenomenon has ensued from Disney+ debut in Latin America last November 17. Needless to say, the number of downloads cannot be translated into subscriber count. It is important to highlight that the streaming platform is offering a seven-day free trial period and free months of service through several partners, as part of its launch promotion.

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