In Mexico and Brazil, Paramount+ (Paramount) will begin to offer a new plan, which will be cheaper than the traditional tier, to be exclusively used on mobile devices. Called Básico, the plan will be ad-free and will be made available on April 18.

The OTT is to launch this strategy just a few days before one of its competitors, HBO Max, discontinues its mobile plan in all Latin American countries. When it started its operations in the region in 2021, HBO Max offered a plan for mobile devices, but it has decided to remove it and to offer a single plan instead, in a move that is exactly the opposite of the course of action taken by Paramount.

Although the mobile plan itself will be similar in both markets, the strategies to be adopted by the company in each territory are different. In Mexico, the price of the traditional plan, called Estándar, will be raised and the new plan will be offered at the same price as the one charged for the traditional plan up to now, whereas in Brazil the price of the traditional plan, called Padrao, will remain unchanged and the mobile option will be offered at a lower price, which will really provide a more affordable alternative.

Beginning on April 18, the prices will be the following:
-Básico, Monthly: MXN 79 (around USD 4.2)
-Básico, Annual: MXN 709 (USD 37.9)
-Estándar, Monthly: MXN 109 (USD 5.8)
-Estándar, Annual: MXN 979 (USD 52.4)
-Básico, Monthly: BRL 14.90 (around USD 2.8)
-Básico, Annual: BRL 133.90 (USD 25.6)
-Padrao, Monthly: BRL 19.90 (USD 3.8)
-Padrao, Annual: BRL 178.90 (USD 34.2)

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