Pluto TV, ViacomCBS’s free ad-supported streaming service, launched in Latin America on March 24, according to the plan previously announced by the company, which had scheduled launch for late March. However, there has been no oficial release so far.

The platform is divided into live TV and VOD content. Pluto TV offers 24 linear channels specially designed for this service, plus another channel dedicated to advertising programming. The channels are the following: Cine (Movies), Cine Estelar (Paramount Movies), Cine Acción (Action Movies), Cine Comedia (Comedy Movies), Cine Drama (Drama Movies), Cine Terror (Terror Movies), Series, Series Retro (Retro Series), Series Latinas (Latin Series), Novelas (Soap Operas), Telefé Clásico (Classic Telefé), MTV Vintage, Anime, Deportes (Sports), Competencias (Competitions), Reality, Investiga (Investigation), Naturaleza (Nature), Viajes (Travel), Cocina (Cooking), Junior, Nick Jr. Club, Nick Jr. Clásico (Nick Jr. Classic) and Kids. VOD content is divided into 20 categories. It is not necessary to sign up for the OTT service.

Pluto TV is already available throughout Latin America, with the only exception of Brazil, where launch is scheduled for late 2020. According to the channel’s website, the service is available even in Caribbean countries where the official language is not Spanish.

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