NBCUniversal has announced the relaunch of its traditional Pay TV channel USA Network in the Latin American market. The channel had been on the air in the region for a long time until the media company decided to replace it with Universal Channel, currently known as Universal TV. In the US market, USA Network has been broadcasting regularly for more than forty years without any interruption.

It is in the last quarter of 2023 that USA Network will return to Latin America. As is the case with the other channels owned by NBCUniversal, Ole Distribution will be in charge of commercial distribution.

NBCUniversal’ spokespeople highlighted: “It is the Pay TV channel watched by most people in prime time in the United States, where the network has been among the Top 5 entertainment channels for twenty-five years.”

According to the description given by the company, “USA Network will enwrap viewers in a world of charming characters facing extraordinary situations and will offer a wide range of enticing dramas featuring unique characters, as well as live events and fantasy adventure series in the style of Hollywood.” Two of the main titles to be aired are Briarpatch and Dr. Death.

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