Audiovisual giant Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has announced its decision to delay the arrival of its new platform Max in Latin America. Originally scheduled for autumn 2023 (Northern Hemisphere), the launch has been postponed until the first quarter of 2024.

During the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit held in Los Angeles on September 21, Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming Division CEO and President J.B. Perrette said: “We’ve got to launch Max in the rest of the world, including Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In order to make sure that we will do it well, we are going to delay the arrival of the new platform in Latin America until the first quarter of next year.”

Max, which launched in the United States in May 2023, will combine all the content offered by HBO Max in Latin America with the content produced by Discovery+, an OTT platform that has been launched only in Brazil within Latin America (although Discovery+ has also been launched in Puerto Rico, this territory is considered to be part of the United States market). That is the reason why the arrival of Max will mean a substantial increase in WBD’s streaming offering for Spanish-speaking Latin America and the Caribbean.

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