Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has officially informed TAVI Latam that Pay TV channels Glitz, I.Sat and MuchMusic are to be discontinued in Latin America in early 2024. The audiovisual entertainment multinational has already notified Pay TV operators in the region, some of which have notified their subscribers.

In response to TAVI Latam’s inquiry, the company explained the following: “As part of the evolution process of our entertainment portfoliio, we continuously assess our offering in order to provide consumers with options aligned with their preferences and interests. In this context, Glitz, I.Sat and MuchMusic will be excluded from our Pay TV offering at the end of February 2024. At the same time, we will go on working on the consolidation of our brand-new channels, TNT Novelas and Adult Swim, and fostering their audience growth. Both formats, soap operas and adult-focused animated content, mark a trend in our Latin American audience’s preferences. The restructuring is part of our commitment to offer viewers a great entertainment experience, with brands and formats relevant to Latin American consumers.”

In view of WBD’s resolution, Pay TV operators are assessing whether they will introduce changes to their lineups; they may decide not to change anything, to add new channels or to embark on a more extensive overhaul. Entel Chile, for example, will include HBO premium channels in one of its basic plans and as a result of the restructuring of their lineups, some operators will cease to air HTV and TCM channels, although these channels will go on operating in Latin America.

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