Lionsgate’s Starz, the owner of the premium channel network of the same name in the United States, has announced the international launch of the direct to consumer app of its OTT Starz Play. The five countries starting this new stage are Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that the app has been available in Brazil for about one month, while for Mexico it is all-new information.

“Starz has experienced great success with the app domestically (Editor’s Note: the United States market), with more than 5.6 million OTT customers,” highlighted Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch. “Expanding our direct to consumer product into the global arena with the launch of the app gives subscribers seamless entry to our platform and premium content on their device of choice, while also providing us with access to key consumer data insights,” he added.

In Latin America, Starz Play has already been running for several months on Apple TV in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. In addition, Starz Play was already included in the offer of telecommunications operator Izzi and Amazon Prime Video Channels OTT service in Mexico. Totalplay (also Mexican) is now added, according to information provided by Starz.

In Mexico, the value of the direct to consumer OTT service is USD 4.58, while in Brazil it is USD 3.53. Starz has also reported that the plan for 2020 is to launch this app in 20 new countries, without specifying which continents they are located on.

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