Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela (Cantv), a state-run telecom, is working towards the launch of a new service described by the company as a “TV streaming service”. The news was disclosed a few days ago by Cantv President Jesús Aldana at Conatel Al Aire, a radio show aired on Miraflores radio station.

No details have been given about the proposal. It is not known whether the new service will offer linear channels, on-demand content or both. Nor has it been revealed if it will be an OTT platform or if a Cantv set-top-box will be required.

“This is a new product Cantv will be launching soon,” said Aldana, before noting that the new service will be linked to “other telecommunications vertical products” on its fiber to the home network based on GPON technology. Then he added that the operator’s FTTH network is already 33,000 kilometers long and serves over 70,000 homes.

It is seventeen years since Cantv was renationalized. The company currently offers Internet and fixed phone services, as well as a Satellite TV service (DTH).

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