Brazilian OTT Telecine Play, owned by Globosat’s Telecine premium channel network, has deployed a streaming optimization platform called SmartPlay, designed by MediaMelon. Thanks to this tool, Telecine Play can “deliver a better video quality of experience with lower content delivery costs”, explained executives of the technology company based in San Francisco, USA, through a press release.

According to MediaMelon, SmartPlay contributes to lowering the bandwidth used to carry the streams, improving content visual quality and reducing streaming interruptions (buffering). “Unlike other analytics that just measure and alert, SmartPlay actually solves the problem,” said MediaMelon CEO Kumar Subramanian.

Telecine Play is an OTT platform that works both as a TV Everywhere service (free for Pay TV users who have subscribed to Telecine premium channels) and as an SVOD service (regardless of whether the user has signed up for traditional Pay TV service or not).

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