A few days ago, Mundo Telecomunicaciones, a Chilean telecommunications company controlled by DigitalBridge, ceased the commercialization of its traditional Pay TV service, which is provided through a STB connected to the network. The aim is to give priority to the development and growth of Mundo Go!, the Pay TV service via streaming launched by the company in mid-2022 as an advanced Pay TV option.

Although Mundo will go on providing its traditional service, it will no longer offer it to its new subscribers. At the same time, it is already offering migration from the traditional service to the 100% streaming option.

The move is considered to be a major breakthrough in the Pay TV industry in Chile, as well as in the whole region. While there are many operators already offering a Pay TV service 100% by streaming, they have not discontinued the sale of traditional Pay TV to new customers.

The slogan used by Mundo Telecomunicaciones to advertise Mundo Go! is the following: “free of wires and limitations such as boxes below the TV set consuming electricity all day long”. Mundo Go! may be accessed from mobile devices, Android TV Smart TVs, the web, as well as through a streaming player distributed by the company itself.

Mundo Go! offers over 170 linear channels and VOD content, in addition to advanced features such as pausing, rewinding and recording of live content and a voice control. Moreover, the streaming player distributed by Mundo allows direct access to the main OTT platforms, which requires payment of the fee for each service.

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