On March 21, Colombian telecommunications operator Movistar (owned by Telefónica) launched two new packs including OTT Pay TV and FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Internet services. The move marks a step forward in Telefónica’s streaming Pay TV strategy in the region, since the company has been offering the service for some time in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil (in the latter country, under the Vivo Brand).

The new service is identical to the one already available to the operator’s IPTV subscribers as TV Everywhere through Movistar TV App. The line-up includes 73 linear channels (the DTH TV Everywhere service offers fewer channels). Moreover, users have access to over 3,500 VOD titles and may rent movies.

Movistar has labelled the two new plans as “exclusive”. One of the packs includes Internet service and the other encompasses Internet and fixed telephone services, in all cases using FTTH technology. The symmetrical speed offered by both plans is 250 mbps (or 350 mbps if the customer has also signed up to a mobile plan).

According to the company, “the service is aimed at meeting the needs of the Colombian market.” “We intend to make it posible for our customers to enjoy entertainment in a different way and to make it accesible to everybody,” noted Movistar Colombia Marketing Director Luis Germán Peña.

Users who do not sign up to the “exclusive” plans described above may still access Movistar TV App without additional charge, though with the same limitations as the ones they have been subject to up to now. The VOD library and movie rental option will remain available to any customer, but the linear TV offering will be limited. In fact, mobile subscribers will have access to only one linear channel (Atreseries) on the app. HFC Internet users will be in a similar situation, though they may gain access to five linear channels (Atreseries and four domestic channels) provided they are also Netflix customers. Finally, FTTH Internet users will have the possibility of accessing eight linear channels (eight domestic channels) on the app.

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