The Dominican Radio and Television Corporation (CERTV), also known as Dominican Radio Television (RTVD) has entered into a cooperation agreement with Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) in order that channels 4RD and 17 (educational channel) may start digital broadcasting. The expected launch date is December 2019. The Dominican Republic adopted U.S. ATSC standard in 2010.

Both parties have already set to work. In fact, professionals working for Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) have visited the Dominican Republic in order to determine the steps to be taken and officers at the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) have visited RAPA’s facilities to become acquainted with the latest technological advances.

According to CERTV Director Ramón Tejeda, “This agreement will make it possible for state-run channels to pioneer free-to-air digital broadcasting in high definition and in 4K resolution.”

The relationship between both countries started with a workshop held last January, which was attended by Indotel officers, RAPA experts and executives of Eximbank, a South Korean bank that is developing a Knowledge Exchange Program. On that occasion, Indotel President Luis Molina Peña announced that “the project for the development of a regulatory framework for transition to digital TV” had already started.

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