Canadian media production DHX Media (with a great presense in Latin America) announced that it changed its name to WildBrain and has begun rolling out a new corporate brand identity. WildBrain Entertainment was an American animation studio that DHX Media bought in 2010 and, besides, WildBrain is called a division of the current company.

“Rebranding as WildBrain embraces our commitment to creativity, imagination and innovation, and our 360° approach to brand management. For many years, our WildBrain group has been at the leading edge of the digital media business. As that landscape continues to rapidly evolve, now is time to unify all the parts of our Company under both the name and entrepreneurial culture that WildBrain represents,” explained DHX Media CEO Eric Ellenbogen. The rebrand includes a new logo, a new website and a new tagline, “Imagination runs wild”.

“As part of its strategic repositioning, the company’s new CEO initiated a reorganization of its management team to simplify the organizational structure and reduce costs”, announced the new WildBrain through a press release.

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