Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has announced that in June 2024 an option will be deployed in order that Disney+ subscribers may pay to share their accounts with friends and relatives. The announcement was made during an interview on US Pay TV channel CNBC. In this way, Disney will take a decisive step forward in its battle against account sharing, a battle already undertaken by Netflix, which began tests in 2022 and developed a method to put an end to the problem in nearly all its important markets in May 2023.

According to Iger’s explanation, in June the company will launch its first real foray into password sharing, with the rollout starting “in just a few countries”, he said, although he did not specify the names of the countries. Then, in September, the strategy will extend to the rest of the world. It is important to remember that Disney+ updated its rules against account sharing in early 2024.

During the earnings call, Disney explained that the new option would be similar to Netflix’s extra member plan. Subscribers may add an extra user outside their households by paying an additional fee, the amount of which has not been revealed. At the same time, the system will detect subscribers suspected of improper sharing, who will be shown a prompt to sign up for their own subscription.

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