During the presentation of its financial results, audiovisual giant TelevisaUnivision announced that the paid tier of its streaming platform would no longer be called Vix+. From now on, both the paid tier (Premium), launched in July 2022, and the free tier will be called Vix. The service is available in Spanish-speaking Latin America and in the United States.

The company’s CEO, Wade Davis, explained that the rebranding followed a period of evaluation over the last few months. “One of our main learnings from the past couple quarters relates to brand efficiency and customer confusion around the marketing of these two tiers as separate brands,” he said. “Separate campaigns and separate brands for two different tiers inside of the same service ended up being confusing to the consumer and expensive for us,” he added.

In addition, the executive noted that “+” (plus) is a symbol used by entertainment companies launching their OTT products under the same brand, as is the case with Disney+ and Paramount+, while streaming services with their own brand have not found it necessary to use such terms to differentiate the paid option from the free one, an example of which is Netflix.

Davis highlighted that they were satisfied with the OTT’s performance and two-tier strategy. “Our free tier is the most significant source of subscribers for the premium tier and we are seeing the percentage of subscribers coming out of this massive funnel accelerate and is now up to 60% of gross adds”, he noted. “We are seeing meaningful reactivation from users who churned out of the premium tier, continuing to enjoy the free tier, and then reactivating back to premium”, he added. “These initial results are very validating of our two-tier product strategy”, Davis concluded.

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