On December 8, Inter is to launch its new streaming service, Inter Go, which will have a double function: it will be both a TV Everywhere and a streaming Pay TV service. The Venezuelan telecommunications company provided details about the new OTT at a press conference held on December 7, which was attended by specialized media, TAVI Latam included.

The new platform will offer the same Pay TV channels (with a few exceptions) as the company’s traditional TV service (over 100 will be HD channels), as well as on-demand content and several exclusive channels (initially there will be 24 exlcusive channels). In addition, it will be possible for users to record linear content, to pause and to rewind live TV, to restart a show already in progress, to create up to five profiles and to set up parental controls. At the beginning, the OTT will be accessible on computers and mobile devices (iOS and Android) and in the near future it will also be accessible on smart TVs and streaming players.

Available only to Inter users, Inter Go will be offered at no additional cost to digital Pay TV subscribers, including digital cable TV (HFC), Satellite TV (DTH) and fiber optic IPTV subscribers. Besides, no extra cost will be charged to optic fiber Internet users with plans allowing 200 mpbs or a higher speed. Customers included in other categories will have to pay an additional fee to use the new platform. Three plans will be available: Óptimo (106 channels) at a monthly fee of USD 8, Óptimo Full (117 channels) at a monthly fee of USD 16 and Óptimo Max (130 channels) at a monthly fee of USD 20. Those users of Inter’s analog Pay TV service who sign up to Inter Go will automatically cease to pay for the traditional TV service and payment of the Inter Go fee will entitle them to enjoy both services.

According to the explanations given at the press conference by Marco Baptista, Executive Vice President of Operations at Inter, “It is a service the Venezuelan market really needed. The platform has been designed as a supplement to the traditional Pay TV service; the analog serice is still highly appreciated in Venezuela.” The OTT will be in operation as from December 8 and plans will be made available for subscription. At the same time, an extensive advertising campaign will be launched on traditional and digital media.

Several telecommunications operators have launched their own streaming platforms in Venezuela over the last few years. Among them, it is worth mentioning NetUno’s NetUno Go, SimpleTV’s SimplePlus, Thundernet’s Thundernet TV Go, Vnet’s TVee and Airtek’s Airtek TV.

During the course of Inter press conference, Baptista also noted that in 2023 Inter had made good progress in the deployment of its Fiber to the Home networks, the number of homes passed by the company in the country increasing by 75,000 to 80,000 monthly. He explained that “in Caracas the pace is slower owing to the permits required and the topography of the city.”

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