On December 18, Amazon announced its decision to expand its brand MGM+ throughout Latin America. The e-commerce company will rename its SVOD streaming service (monthly subscription), currently called MGM, in early 2024. In addition to rebranding its service, the OTT will add content from movie studio Lionsgate and from U.S. premium network Starz, owned by Lionsgate.

The announcement has revealed the name of the company that has been granted Lionsgate and Starz content licence for Latin America. The content is now available on streaming platform Lionsgate+, but it will soon cease to be so, given that the OTT is closing its operations in the region in the next few days. When Lionsgate announced the discontinuation of its platform in Latin America in August 2023, the company explained that the reason behind the decision was that a “key distributor” had granted it a license for its content library in the Latin American market.

In this way, MGM+ will be offering all its portfolio, along with Lionsgate and Starz extensive catalog in Latin America in 2024. Among the titles, it is worth mentioning The Hunger Games, Kill Bill, Saw, Mad Men, Nashville, Power, Power Book, Black Mafia Family, Serpent Queen and Spartacus.

“The expansion of MGM+ in the Latin American market further cements Amazon’s commitment to invest in and grow the MGM+ brand, and to enhance the subscriber experience,” said Chris Brearton, VP of Prime Video Studios Corporate Strategy. MGM+ currently operates in the United States and some European countries.

In Latin America, MGM is not available as a completely independent platform. In fact, it is possible to sign up to it only through other platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Claro Video or Roku. It is still unknown whether MGM+ distribution in the region will remain unchanged or will add new options.

Finally, Amazon noted that current MGM subscribers will enjoy the addition of Lionsgate and Starz content at no additional cost, since the fee will remain unaltered.

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