On June 26, The Walt Disney Company’s streaming platforms operating in Latin America Disney+ and Star+ will join under the already existing name of Disney+. The OTT service wil be relaunched and will include all Star+’s entertainment and sports content (under the Espn brand). At the same time, the company has decided to modify the platform’s tier structure to include three plans, one of which will be ad-supported. The company preannounced its intention to unify both platforms in December 2023.

The new Disney+ will have a new section called Star, which will include Searchlight’s, 20th Century Studios’ and FX’s titles, as well as Disney+’s originals. Under the name of Espn, another section will offer sports content, including all the live events. The overhauled OTT will keep its classic sections: Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and National Geographic.

Subscription plans will be the following: Premium, Standard and Ad-supported Standard. The ad-based option will be available only in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia only through commercial partners. The introduction of an ad-supported tier marks Disney’s decision to follow the new trend of offering a lower-cost alternative in the Latin American streaming market. The company has not disclosed details about the content of each plan.

Disney laid emphasis on parental controls: “We guarantee that the platform will keep offering a family-friendly streaming experience.” This is an important point, taking into account that Star+ has an adult target audience, whereas the original Disney+ is more family friendly and child-focused. It will be possible to create PIN-protected profiles and to set up controls that restrict access on the basis of content classification. In addition, there will be an option to create child profiles (already available as Modo Junior), which will select content classified as suitable for all ages.

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