Sony has announced that its anime streaming platform Funimation will cease to operate in all parts of the world on April 2, on which date all its users will have their subscriptions automatically transferred to Crunchyroll, the anime and Japanese content streaming service also owned by Sony. In Latin America, Funimation operates in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. In Brazil, Funimation was replaced by Crunchyroll in mid-2023.

The migration is implemented two and a half years following Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll from AT&T. From the very beginning, the aim has been to merge both anime services. The process began in March 2022, when several Funimation titles were made available on Crunchyroll. According to the information released by Sony a few hours ago, next April “most of Funimation content”, though not 100% of it, will be included in Crunchyroll video library.

A part of the communication sent by Sony to its anime OTT subscribers reads as follows: “This transition will not affect your access to the extensive anime library available on Crunchyroll. We keep committed to offering the best anime streaming experience and we will go on expanding our offering in order to meet users’ various interests.”

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