As had been scheduled, audiovisual multinational Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) implemented the transformation of its main streaming platform in Latin America on February 27, when HBO Max became Max throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America, Brazil and the Caribbean. A similar transformation was conducted in the United States in May 2023.

The launch of Max unifies Warner Bros.’ whole catalog with Discovery’s. In this way, a single plataform will enable users to access content offered by HBO, Warner Bros., DC, Discovery, Discovery Home & Health, ID, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Cartoonito, Adult Swim, Looney Tunes and Hannah Barbera.

According to the explanation given by the company’s spokespeople to TAVI Latam, “for the time being”, Max and Discovery+, a streaming service in operation only in Brazil within Latin America, will go on operating “as separate platforms”. “We are trying to find the best approach for Discovery+ in Brazil in the wake of the launch of Max,” they noted.

During its first few months, Max will offer over 37,000 hours of content. WBD highlighted that it is “a robust platform with personalization features offering a thorough differentiated visualization experience for every member of the family.”

In coincidence with its launch, Max will release new titles: Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom (movie), Robert Downey Jr.’s Dream Cars (series), Smartless: On the Road (series), Kadin (Turkish soap opera), The Curious Case of Natalia Grace (docuseries), Menem Junior: La Muerte del Hijo del Presidente (docuseries), Naked and Afraid (adaptations of the survival series for Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America), new episodes of two kids series: Rey Mysterio vs. the Darkness and Mini Beat Power Rockers, as well as the premiere of a new kids series: Franjinha e Milena em Busca da Ciência.

It goes without saying that the platform will also offer Warner’s classics, such as: Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, The Last of Us, Succession, Euphoria, Property Brothers, Gold Rush, Rick & Morty, Peppa Pig, Barbie, Batman, Superman and Flash.

As far as sports are concerned, the offering varies from country to country. In Brazil and Mexico, Max holds the broadcasting rights for the Champions League. In Brazil, it will also air Campeonato Paulista. In Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, the platform will offer Mexican league Lucha Libre AAA fights.

It is worth mentioning Del Cine a Max, an important part of Max’s offering. As was the case with HBO Max, the new OTT will offer movies shortly after their premiere in theaters. According to the explanation given by WBD’s spokespeople to TAVI Latam, “we will offer a wide variety of the main studios’ blockbusters, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony and NBCUniversal, only to Spanish-speaking countries.”

There follows a description of the three plans that are available. Basic with Ads: up to two devices at the same time and Full HD resolution; Standard: Ad-free, up to two devices at the same time, full HD resolution, downloading of up to 30 titles for offline viewing; and Platino: Ad-free, up to four devices at the same time, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby Atmos audio, downloading of up to 100 titles for offline viewing. Prices vary from country to country. For example, in Mexico the monthly fees to be paid for each of the above-mentioned plans are MXN 149 (USD 8.7), MXN 199 (USD 11.7) and MXN 249 (USD 14.6), respectively; in Brazil BRL 29.9 (USD 6.1), BRL 39.9 (USD 8.1) and BRL 55.9 (USD 11.3); and in Argentina ARS 2,190 (USD 2.6), ARS 2,890 (USD 3.4) and ARS 3,490 (USD 4.1). The 50% permanent discount offered on HBO Max launch will remain effective for those users who have kept their subscription active ever since.

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