Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to introduce some changes in its streaming service HBO Max in Latin America. The main change is related to the company’s tier system; in fact, a few days ago the audiovisual giant ceased to offer its lowest priced option, the Mobile plan, which made it posible to view content exclusively on smartphones and tablets, one device at a time and only at standard definition (SD). The company has also increased the price of its Standard plan in several countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

HBO Max started its operations in the region in June 2021, when it offered two tiers, namely: Standard and Mobile. From now on, there will be one single package, for which payment may be made monthly, quarterly or yearly. The new tier system has been adopted throughout the region, including Spanish-speaking Latin America, Brazil and the Caribbean.

According to the explanation given by the OTT, “Neither new nor returning subscribers may sign up to the Mobile plan, whereas current subscribers may keep their Mobile plan. Should you switch to the Standard plan, you will not be allowed to switch back to the Mobile plan.” The reason behind the removal of the Mobile plan has not been explained.

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