Audiovisual giant Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has finally set a date for the official launch of Max in Latin America. The new streaming platform, which will include the whole catalogs of its two current OTTs (HBO Max and Discovery+), is to launch on February 27. In the United States, the new platform launched in May 2023. Though originally scheduled for late 2023, the debut in Latin America was then postponed for the first quarter of 2024.

HBO Max will automatically become Max, at which point it will add more content and enrich its portfolio with Discovery’s productions. The company has not revealed what will happen to Discovery+ in Brazil, which is the only Latin American market where it has been launched (it was also launched in Puerto Rico, but as part of the US market). In the United States, HBO Max became Max, added Discovery+’s titles, but Discovery+ went on operating independently, though its content was also available on Max.

HBO Max subscribers will have to do nothing, since their existing subscription will be valid to access Max. In addition, those users who have got the 50% permanent discount will go on enjoying it as long as they keep their subscription active.

“The streaming you love now offers a better experience and much more to see,” so goes the slogan used to promote Max. For Latin America, the OTT will offer over 37,000 hours of content, which more than doubles the amount of hours offered by HBO Max’s current catalog. According to the explanation given by WBD, “a more solid platform, Max will offer more personalization features and will invite consumers to find their favourite stories or to discover new passions.”

Another innovation that will accompany the launch of Max in the region is the modification of the platform’s tier structure. The new platform will offer three tiers, which will include one lower-cost ad-supported plan, something WBD had never done in Latin America. The options will be the following: Ad-supported Basic plan (up to two devices at a time), Standard plan (up to two devices at a time) and Platinum plan (up to four devices at a time). The prices will vary from country to country.

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