Premium network HBO is using a peculiar strategy for the launch of some of its new series in Latin America, which consists in prioritizing its streaming platform HBO Go. Productions are first released on HBO Go and it is only a few days later that the episodes begin airing on HBO Pay TV linear channels. Although not a brand new idea, it is far from being common practice.

HBO employed this strategy with High Maintenance Season 4 (April 10) and Betty (June 12). A similar ploy will be used with Room 104 Season 4 (July 24), both for Spanish-speaking Latin America and Brazil. All the episodes of the two productions already released premiered simultaneously, whereas one Room 104 chapter will be released every week first on HBO Go and then on HBO traditional channels.

In Latin America, HBO Go is available both as a TV Everywhere service (without any additional cost for Pay TV customers who have subscribed to HBO premium package) and as a stand-alone OTT platform (an SVOD service not requiring a Pay TV subscription).

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