For the first time in the region, Netflix has lowered the monthly price of its plans only in some Latin American countries. Without having issued any press release or launching any advertisement announcing the reduction, the streaming platform is notifying its subscribers that prices will be lowered beginning on February 13.

Some media in the countries that will benefit from the reduction have managed to get an official confirmation from Netflix. Such is the case for Panamanian newspaper La Prensa and Guatemalan news website Soy 502. Other countries where prices will be lowered are El Salvador, Paraguay, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Reductions vary from country to country. In Guatemala, for example, the new monthly prices of Netflix plans are the following: Basic: USD 4.99, Standard: 7.99 and Premium: USD 10.99; before the reduction, the plans cost USD 7.99, USD 10.99 and USD 13.99, respectively. In Panama, prices have been lowered from USD 8.99 to USD 4.99 for the Basic plan, from USD 12.99 to 8.99 for the Standard plan and from USD 15.99 to USD 12.99 for the Premium plan.

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