On August 22, audiovisual entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) announced the relaunch of its classic adult content brand Adult Swim in Latin American countries. The new proposal includes the creation of an exclusive channel for the brand and a whole digital ecosystem.

The new channel, to debut on the Latin American Pay TV in late October, is a 24-hour linear channel. According to the description given by WBD, “Adult Swim is well-known for its creative stories, acid humor and appealing content for adults.”

Adult Swim programming will include animated and non-animated titles, series, DC characters’ productions, anime (Toonami block), as well as videogames and geek culture content (under the brand Warner Play). The company has not revealed any title so far.

Adult Swim was born in the United States more than twenty years ago as a nightly programming block available on the company’s flagship kids channel Cartoon Network. Over time, the brand gained popularity and expanded internationally, including Latin America. As years went by, the block mutated both in the United States and in the rest of the world, with changes related to content, format, number of hours and channels. Not only has it been aired on Cartoon Network but it has also been available on TNT, Warner Channel, TBS, I.Sat and HBO Max.

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